We don't biohack. We Biobeautify.


Do you value holistic wellness? Holos, from Greek, means "whole."Embodying a holistic lifestyle means you see health as a vital dynamic state that is more than the absence of disease. Biobeautify stands for a lifestyle that supports the healing force of nature; empowering you to promote your and your family's bodies ability to self-heal.


Carla Bate has been immersed in the health and wellness space for years, exploring non-invasive cutting-edge healing technologies, nutrition, and quantum sciences. Biobeautify will share the voices of the people who have influenced her the most, from the biomolecular to the practical, to the spiritual, and metaphysical. 


Carla's talents lie in communicating complex science in ways that everybody can grasp. She will be talking to show guests about light therapy, women’s fertility, home birthing, the microbiome, what it means to live in integrity, micro-dosing psilocybin, the Akashic records, frequency healing, quantum field resonance and so much more. 

"Yes, there will definitely be guests and information that pertain to men as well. My initial motivation was to deliver biohacking tips from a woman’s perspective because I feel more of that is needed."~Carla 




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