Carla Bate

A Los Angeles native, I’ve also lived in Bali, London, New York, and Santa Cruz, and I have always been an avid traveler, hungry to explore new places and people since I was a kid. Growing up, my brother and I spent every summer visiting our grandparents. They lived on a tiny island off the North Shore of Massachusetts, where we were blessed enough to run free all day, safe and in nature – coming home only when we were hungry, or it got dark. There is something very special about grandparents, and the opportunity for children to experience that type of exposure to nature is invaluable.

I always did well in school. It felt like a game to me. I attended both UCLA and UCSC for my undergraduate education, transferring to Santa Cruz because I wanted to get out of Los Angeles, and into nature. I have a bachelor’s degree in International Politics and a minor in surfing ; )

Once I graduated, I moved back home to LA where I briefly pursued acting, which I’d dabbled in my whole life from age 4 to junior and high school theater. I learned quickly that it was not the industry for me. Having never truly felt I knew what I wanted to be when I “grew up,” I ended up in jobs where I could use my people, communication, and organizational skills, but where there was no major passion. I worked as a publicist, I produced events and I managed a members-only supper club for a while.  I wasn’t genuinely fulfilled, and I cared more about all things partying than I did any of my jobs, although I always kept a balance.

In 2009 I lost my Dad to the modern medical system. I was 27. He went into the hospital with pneumonia and was already living with emphysema. My family and I were shocked when, 3 months later, he never made it out. I genuinely believe there is a 90% chance my dad would not have left us then if I knew then what I know now about health and wellness technology.

In 2013 I quit the job I had (and disliked) to travel the world at the expense of my credit card (the free spirit that I am). I lived completely on credit and made the decision not to let the debt stress me out, knowing everything would work out. Just before the debt could have become an encumbrance, I landed a pretty amazing job. The niche position of personal travel assistant for the CEO of a Private Equity company; perfect for me at the time.  It was pretty dreamy; traveling and coordinating global trips including private jets, yachts, and the world’s best hotels for my billionaire boss and his family, who are lovely people.

My journey into health and wellness truly began at the very end of 2015. I was planning a  big, fancy Caribbean New Year’s trip for the family I worked for. Although the job was amazing in many ways, at the time the feeling that gripped me most mornings was dread and anxiety. I didn’t see long-term fulfillment coming from the path I was on. I was essentially living someone else’s life and there was not much room for growth. I had a vision of lying in a hammock surrounded the palm trees and I knew that I had to make that happen by the same time the following year. As soon as 2016 had immersed myself in figuring out what to do with my life next.

A new world of possibilities opened up. And of course, all the doubts followed. How would I get to my palm tree flanked hammock? Was it crazy to leave such a secure, cushy job? Would I be making a huge mistake if I did? I looked at it from all angles. I dialed my imagination into full gear and inspected future timelines – searching for what aligned with the inner-knowing of my potential. The thought of living out an unrealized life had set me into major motion.


My new #1 priority was to figure out what I was going to do with the rest of my life. I was seeking fulfillment and purpose. And I dedicated ALL of my spare time towards this goal. Formerly, I’d been a social butterfly. But now for the first time, I shut myself in and cocooned. There was a definitive transformation about to happen. I meditated. I journaled like a madwoman. I wrote on the walls. I sought out motivational books like “The Four Hour Work Week” and “Think and Grow Rich,” even though I'd only ever been a fiction reader. I hiked listening to audio versions. I explored the Akashic records and micro-dosed mushrooms.

At no other time had I ever committed to myself in such a profound way towards growth. I was a woman on a mission. Somewhere along the way, from a book or mediation, I had heard - ‘focus on the what, and don’t worry about how.’ I now know how important this advice is.

A health crisis helped me home in on the what. I was continually depleting my health and energy. These lows sent me down rabbit holes on health, immunity, and the medical system. What I did know was that I was passionate about health and wellness. And inspired by cutting edge healing technologies. Anyone who came over to my house during that time remembers receiving the red and infrared light therapy from me. A born nurturer, I also knew there would be fulfillment in helping others.

I journaled and journaled and journaled. I wrote in the present tense about how I had found fulfillment working in the health, wellness, biotech world. About how I was at the forefront of the space, traveling the world to speak and present at conferences and events, affecting millions of people.

I gained the courage to quit my job and I followed all the signs pointing me to move to Bali. My palm tree vision realized! I bought a one-way ticket without knowing a single person there. Over the next 2 years pretty much everything I’d journaled about materialized. In personal transformation, career, in love.

One of the highlights was presenting at RAAD Fest in San Diego in 2018. Alongside pioneers in the anti-aging movement. It was actually my third conference that year. I’d been working with Dr. Marco Ruggiero, MD, Ph.D. as the cofounder of Immortalis, a reverse aging probiotic company. And I was presenting on microbiome medicine, biological in mortality, quantum biology, and radical life extension. In July of this year, I amicably resigned from Immortalis to pursue grad school and focus on Biobeautify.

I currently live in LA with my dog Mr. Man and am working on a Master of Science degree in Clinical Nutrition at the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine. I am committed to the possibility of people maximizing their human potential, mind, body and soul.